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Three Sentence Fic Challenge!

1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

FUCKING MARGAUX I S2G  I know nothing of cars or driving fancily or anything so ahahahahaha hahah haha ha..

The hooker’s pale thighs are like a siren song from the opposite side of the avenue, nearly glowing white, illuminated by the insouciant moon that manages to make itself known from behind the wall of low-lying clouds and the ubiquitous and wellnigh-omnipresent light pollution of Liberty City.

Levi manages to commit a magnificent maneuver in which he cuts his wheel and fishtails with a dramatic flourish, landing himself neatly next to the curb directly in front of the towering, buxom blond.

"How much?" he asks, voice pitched low to preclude any waver in his voice that might indicate the exigency of his carnal need, to which the blond hooker replies in a most unnerving baritone, "Too much if you have to ask, honey."



Someone please tell this man it’s illegal to wear that


'Cause this chapter fucked everyone up right?


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Another?  …another.


"It looks cute on you~"

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I got it

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Peen peen looks weird

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I think it’s about time

I’m gonna start spending more time on my Erwin RP blog since like 99% of this here personal blog is eruri and I can do that anywhere, and that way I can spend more time with my muse and bullshit with people on there more!

So yes.


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He’s covered in blood and getting ready to brutally torture a man and I have never been more turned on